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Aug 10, 2011
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Located in Ogun State, about 135km north-east of Lagos and some 20km from the coast, Omo Forest Reserve lies within a tropical lowland rainforest and it has the most complex and productive vegetation type in the country; estimated that it supports about 8000 species of plants.

The reserve’s terrain is undulating and elevation reaches about 300m on some rocky hills. The eastern border is formed by the Omo river which, with its many tributaries, drain the reserve.

Omo is contiguous with five other, highly degraded, Forest Reserves, the largest of which is Oluwa Forest Reserve to the east. The vegetation is mixed moist semi-evergreen rainforest.

Due to selective exploitation in the past, the forest is largely mature secondary, with pockets of primary forest along river courses and in other areas where log extraction is difficult. Average annual rainfall is over 2,000mm.

The large forestland is named after the Omo tree, which is indigenous to the area. The Omo river lies somewhere within the 132,000 hectares of land, which make up the forest reserve.

Within this expanse of land is a 460-hectare forest block, to the south of the confluence of the Omo River, which has its tributary in the Owena River. This 460 hectare block is constituted of a so-called ‘virgin’ forest which has been declared a Strict Nature Reserve (SNA) and a Biosphere Reserve by the government.

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Omo Forest Erin Camp

Erin Camp:

Located within the forest reserve is the Erin (elephant) Camp where visitors can lodge before setting out along one of the camp’s nature trails.

After relaxing and chatting, guests can retire into one of three basic but clean and screened wooden cabins, each of which is equipped with two beds covered by good mosquito nets.

Alternatively, guests can choose to sleep in their own tent or the ones provided by the camp management.

Camp in brief
– 6 Beds with pillows
– Mosquito nets
– Closed off bucket Shower
– Kitchen with stove
– Clean stored rainwater
– Campfire / bbq
– Benches and seating for 10 people
– Covered seating area

Omo forest elephant

Eco tourism & Biodiversity

Omo forest reserve is of great conservation value with over 200 species of tree, 125 species of bird and many mammal species including forest elephant, chimpanzee and white-throated guenon monkeys, all of which are seriously endangered.

With logging, poaching and uncontrolled farming threatening the reserve’s biodiversity, Pro-Natura International (Nigeria) has teamed up with other non-governmental organisations to ensure the survival of the Omo Forest ecosystem by education in schools and raising conservation awareness amongst the local community.

Beetle Hill

Beetle hill is a two and a half hour walk or 45 minute drive to the base followed by a 25 minute climb up the hill’s steep slopes is worthwhile for the fantastic views over the forest that you get at the top. The trip usually concludes with a picnic lunch either on route or back in J4.

St. Peters Cathedral
St. Peters Cathedral is the first ever church to be built in Nigeria by the missionaries when they arrived at Abeokuta. The Cathedral being in its original form, serves as a place of worship as well as a religion monument. Your visit to Abeokuta will not be complete without a visit to this old British architecture.

Ojude Oba FestivalOjude Oba Festival
In Ijebu-Ode, this is an annual festival usually held two days after the Ileya festival (muslim festival of Eid-El-Kabir) while the Ojude Oba festival of Ijebu-Isiwo is usually held three days after the Eid. It is a festival whose main purpose is for the people of Ijebu to come together as one to honour the traditional ruler and it is regarded as one of the biggest in West Africa.

Sungbo's EredoSungbo’s Eredo
A 100-mile-long wall and moat whose construction is believed to have began a millennium ago. It has been termed as the Africa’s largest single ancient monument by a British archaeologist who discovered it. The monuments is situated just a few miles away from Olumo Rock.
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Abeokuta Central Mosque

Abeokuta Central Mosque
Located just a stone throw from Olumo Rock, the central mosque, which is where the city’s Muslims population worship, is one of the earliest mosques to be built in Ogun State and this beautiful mosque can be clearly spotted from atop the Olumo Rock.

Ebute Oni Tourist Beach Resort

Ebute Oni Tourist Beach ResortEbute Oni Tourist Beach Resort
Ebute Oni is the waterfront to the small village of Oni, Ijebu Waterside, towards the southern sector of Ogun State on the Lekki lagoon. Ebute Oni is on a low-lying area below 30m above sea level which was founded by fishermen. The resort presently has four chalets to house prospective visitors.

Alake Palace

Alake Palace
This is an historical palace that showcases the preserved cultural heritage of Abeokuta city and Yoruba people in general. It’s particularly famous for its heavy concentration of antiquities and relics. Also, there are other places of interest within and outside the city.

Olowu Palace

The Olowu Palace
The old Owu is an historic town in old Oyo Kingdom. Owu king was a powerful and fearful king who collected tribute from the Bariba, the Borgu and had ruled over old Oyo until the reign of Sango. Owu people later migrated from the old Owu and settled within Abeokuta metropolis and its royal palace (Olowu Palace) houses lots of historical monuments.

Lisabi Sacred Forest

Lisabi Sacred Forest
This is a sacred forest bounded in the west by Ogun River and in the south by Tegbelu stream. It is a thick rainforest with high population of various kind of birds and endangered animals.

Itoku Market

Itoku MarketItoku Market
Itoku Market is where local artisans and traders enjoy haggling over price just as much as the customers like to find a bargain. This famous market is at the centre of the indigenous Abeokuta industry of tie-and-dye, which is locally known as Adire. Adire crafters are usually women – both old and young!

Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock, AbeokutaOlumo Rock, Abeokuta
This is the most spectacular and popular attraction in Ogun State. The rock used to provide sanctuary for the people as well as a vantage point to monitor the enemy’s advance leading to eventual triumph in the eighteen century inter-tribal wars.
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Hill Top Golf Resort

Hill Top Golf ResortHill Top Golf Resort
The ‘Hill Top’ is a tourist resort consisting of a straight 18 hole golf course. The resort is a good spot for golfers to enjoy wooded countryside scenic fairways with surrounding rolling hills which give a masterpiece of harmony between man and nature. Within the environment is a lake for boat cruising and fishing.


Other attractions

  • Saam Health Farm and Holiday Resort
  • Abeokuta Museum, Abeokuta
  • Madam Tinubu Shrine
  • Osuuru Spring Water, Imeko
  • Egungun Festivals
  • Centenary Hall, Ake Abeokuta

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