Kwa Falls, Cross River State

Oct 14, 2012
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Kwa Fall, Cross River State

Kwa Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in a narrow, steep gorge on the headwaters of the Kwa River.

The sparkling natural waters eternally fall through the mounds of igneous rocks of tropical reminiscence.

Kwa River where Kwa Fall cascades down resistant basement rocks, is located in the Oban division of the Cross River National Park.

Kwa Falls is found in Anegeje Village in Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State, about 25 kilometers from Calabar on a good rural road.

A deep plunge pool forms at the bottom of the waterfall, which, before deforestation, was hidden under the thick canopy of the tropical rainforest.

Kwa Falls is characterised by its well arranged staircase of 234 steps from the plane down to the rest place of the cloudy waters.

All this is against a typical tropical mangrove forest of Mahogany, Ebony and Spruce trees adding to the undulating landscape that surrounds the fall.

The nearby Kwa River Sand Beach is recommended for an afternoon’s peaceful relaxation.

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