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Jul 29, 2011
Travel Tips
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Bauchi Wikki tourists camp

Bauchi is the capital city of Bauchi State and it is located in the northeastern part of Nigeria. It’s one of the Nigerian cities that played host to major sporting events in 2009.

The city hosted both FIFA U-20 and FIFA U-17 World Cup tournaments in 1999 and 2009 respectfully. Bauchi State is famous for wildlife and eco-tourism making it one of the top destinations for tourists.

Thumb ups for Bauchi:

Bauchi is a home to Yankari Game Reserve – Nigeria’s leading game reserve and the biggest in West Africa. A visit to Yankari offers visitors the chance to see wildlife animals such as elephants, hippos, waterbuck, bushbuck, and others in their natural abode.

Also, Yankari has more than 300 species of birds making it one of the top spots for the bird-watchers. It has the famous Wikki Warm Spring situated a short walk down a hill from Wikki Camp. The spring gushes out from under a limestone rock surrounded by vegetation that boosts the eco-system of the spring.

The warm crystal clear water, which is free of reptiles and fish, offers an excellent facility for swimming and canoeing. Visitors can also hike up to the Kilban Hill located northeast of the Wikki Camp. The hill has a flat top from which it derives its name which means “flat place” in the local Duguni tongue.

Other places of interest are Marshall Caves, Sumu Wildlife, Kariyo Hill, Tunga Dutse, Paliyaram Hill etc.

Thumb downs for Bauchi:

Bauchi is a relatively peaceful state with huge tourism potential but the recent general election upheavals have brought the state into the limelight as well as raising the questions of security within the state.

Visitors might spot security agencies patrolling Bauchi to ensure the security of lives and properties. Also, visitors should be aware that alcohol is not publicly available for consumption in most part of Bauchi State.

Top brand hotels are not available in the state and this means that the visitors will have to make do with small but clean hotels.


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