Asa River Dam, Kwara State

Aug 28, 2011
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Asa River Dam, Kwara State
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Asa River Dam is situated just outside Ilorin, in Kwara State. It was constructed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC to increase the supply of potable water to the towns within the state.

Asa River Dam consists of three sections namely a 400m long earthfill dam, a 150m long concrete gravity dam and a lateral earth dam with a length of 160m.

The Earthfill dam at 26m high above the bottom of the Asa River. It has a width of 150m at the dam foot and of 5m at the crest.

The concrete gravity dam is 20m high and has a width of 12m at the foot and of 3m at the crest. The lateral earth dam is 6m high and 23m wide at the foot.

Dam Usage

The purpose of the dam includes improvement of water supply to towns and settlements along the river system. It also helps with irrigation, fisheries and livestock development and recreation. Also, the dam was designed with the potential for hydropower generation in mind.

Asa Dam Conference Centre and Resort

Nestled on the banks of a bountiful reservoir, the Asa Dam resort development will attract international dignitaries and travellers to Kwara State.

Whether visitors come to conduct business at the Conference Centre or relax with a round of golf, they will be immersed in the natural environment while enjoying the comforts of modern facilities.

This design solution strives to provide a dynamic experience without compromising the environmental, financial, or social sustainability of the site.

Planned facilities

  • Conference centre
  • First class accommodations and hotels
  • Recreation centres/fields/parks
  • Central park with pavilions
  • Pedestrian and Golf Cart Bridge,
  • Amphitheatre
  • Signature golf course with residential units
  • Shopping mall
  • Holiday resort
  • Boardwalk with retail
  • Amusement park and children’s fountains
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