Ado Ekiti travel guide

Feb 9, 2012
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Fajuyi Memorial Park, Ado Ekiti

Ado Ekiti popularly called Ado, is a Yoruba city located in southwest Nigeria.

The city is the trade centre in a farming region where yams, cassava, grain, cotton and tobacco are grown.

Ado Ekiti is the capital city of Ekiti State and it is predominantly occupied by the Ekitis – a sub-group of the Yorubas.

The local dialect is spoken with slight variations in the different communities, but this does not prevent Ekiti people from understanding each other. Christianity, Islam and traditional religions are all practised.

Ekiti State is situated in mainly an upland zone rising over 250 metres above sea level and one of the many natural features of the state is the abundance of hilly mountains that surrounded the entire state.

The landscape consists of ancient plains broken by steep-sided outcropping dome rocks.

These rocks may occur singularly or in groups or ridges and the most notable of these are to be found in Efon-Alaaye, Ikere Ekiti and Okemesi Ekiti.

Ado Ekiti is a home to university of Ado Ekiti, a Federal Polytechnic and a local television and radio station.

[tab:Attractions] Ikogosi Warm Spring, Ikogosi
Located in Ekiti West LGA, the warm spring roll down over a hilly landscape at about 70° and later forms a confluence with another cold spring from an adjoining hill and merges into one continuous stream. Read more here

Orole Hills, Ikere Ekiti
Standing on the ground like an egg, which stands erect and buries its other end in the soil, is a good spot for sightseeing, picnicking and mountaineering as it is reputed to be the highest hill within the Ondo/Ekiti State axis. The myth has it that the hill was formerly a woman who was worshipped and is still worshipped as a goddess of prosperity in the town.

Olosunta Hills, Ikere Ekiti
At Olosunta hill, tourists are restricted to some sacred areas because the hill is worshipped by the locals for seven days every year in a festivity during the month of August. The Ugele hill which is situated besides the Olosunta hill has a cave that could take one thousand people; a big space used in the past for wrestling. The Ugele is also worshipped every year in June during the New Yam festival.

Ewi’s Palace, Ado Ekiti
The palace which is an epitome of traditional architectural edifice, offers an opportunity for the visitors to learn more about cultural heritage of Ekiti people. The palace houses a large number of historical artefacts relating to the establishment of Ekiti.

Fajuyi Memorial Park
Located in Ado Ekiti, this is a triangular park where the late Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi who was the Governor of the old western state during the military regime was buried. He was Killed along with General Aguiyi Ironsi, former Head of State in a Military coup in 1966. The park is equipped with a fountain, water sport, games, children playground, tower, mini museum, restaurant and bar for visitors and tourists. It is also suitable for meetings, religious retreats, seminars, workshops etc.

Ero Dam & Lake
Located at Ikun Ekiti and covered about 11km, the dam supplies some drinkable water to some of the local government areas of the state. The indigènes of the town, neighbours and Hausa fish on this Ero Lake. Local canoes, boats and modern speed boats are made use by these fishermen.

Ipole-Iloro Waterfall
Located on the other side of the Effon Ridge, away from the better-known Erin-Ijesha, the Ipole-Iloro waterfall is another scenic cascade set in forested hills. It’s worth stopping by if passing and it now has some recreational facilities.

Erin Ayonigba Sacred Fish River, Erinjiyan Ekiti
This is a river that contains a colony of sacred catfish, not consumable and highly forbidden. The myth has it that a strange woman who migrated to the town metamorphosed into the river and that the fish are her children. Hence, it is a taboo to kill the fish and that if this is done, the fish will not cook however long the period of cooking. Also, the person who kills any of the fish will never be prosperous in life. Tourists visit the river to see this strange occurrence and the coming out of the fish in hundreds.

Oroke Ewo War Centre, Ilupeju Ekiti
Located about 2km to Ilupeju Ekiti along the Ibele Araromi road, this is the preserved site of war between warriors from Ilorin led by their warlord, Ali and Egosi Kingdom led by Oloseru, Elewere, Oloyagba, Olowotoranse in the 18th century. During the war, Egosi warlords displayed magical powers that allegedly turned their enemies (Ali) to a stone named Odidi Mode, while his seat and calabash charms were also turned to stones. The Ilorin warrior’s big drum was also turned to stone named Ojongbede while his camel was turned to a tree named Ose tree (baobab tree). All these stones are preserved at the war site with the unique stone drum still sounding like a drum when beaten.

Osun River Source
The source of Osun River is located in Igbede Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun LGA. The river meanders from Igbede Ekiti to Ijero and moving through Ikoro-Okemesi-Ekiti road before flowing to Osun State. The river is worshipped by the people of Osogbo in Osun state with fun fair as a goddess that cures infertility and gives children.

Ooni River, Efon Alaaye
River Ooni which flows out of the Efon Alaaye hills, is believed to possess power to cure guinea worm and other water borne diseases. River Ooni is worshipped every year by some locals because of its therapeutic power.

Egbigbu Artificial Lake, Ayetoro Ekiti
Located at Ayetoro Ekiti, the lake takes its source from three springs (Oloke Aere ,Ayedu and Igborogboro). The springs meet to form a mini lagoon and spread over 1 km. It provides a beautiful scenery and various species of aquatic life such as catfish, shellfish, and reptiles have been discovered there. The lake which is ideal for relaxation, boating and fishing, is provided with a guest house, restaurant and bar.

Esa Cave, Iyin Ekiti
This is located in Iyin Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun LGA. The cave is capable of containing about thirty four thousand people at a time and it is believed to have shielded the people of the town during the internecine wars in Yoruba land.

[tab:Eating Out] Palatables
This is a popular outdoor restaurant with a thatched roof serving barbecued fish and goat meat pepper soup. Contact: 138 Ajilosun Road, Ado-Ekiti. Tel: +234 (0)806 829 4477

Godfather Restaurant & Bar
Known for its delicious Nigerian dishes like fish pepper soup, Godfather is a popular restaurant in the hearth of Ado Ekiti. Here guests can also enjoy an assortment of drinks and a live band at weekends. Contact: Opp. High Court, Fajuyi Road, Ado Ekiti. Tel: +234 (0)803 343 4862

[tab:Shopping] Not yet posted

[tab:Hotels] Hillmat Hotels
The hotel offers 44 tastefully appointed rooms in standard rooms, standard executive rooms, executive double rooms, queen executive rooms, queen executive double, royal executive rooms, presidential suite and presidential royal suite with jacuzzi. It has a swimming pool, club house, bush bar, laundry and restaurant and the executive bar are of modern setting etc.Location: Hillmat Lane, By Ayotunde Nur/Pri School, Awedele, Ado Ekiti. Tel: +234-806-698-6802, 0706-793-5869

Pathfinder Hotel/Holiday Inn
This is a newly established hotel in Ado Ekiti and it offers well-equipped and air-conditioned rooms with cable TV, swimming pool, pharmacy and guest hair salon. The hotel has beautifully decorated interior, a bar, cyber café, and a restaurant where in-house and outside guests can enjoy range of African and international dishes. Location: University of Ado Ekiti Road, Ilokun, Ado Ekiti. Tel: +234 (0)8075287451, 08033239178



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